Friday, 20 October 2017

Projects Team Meeting

I had a great 3-hour projects team meeting today and it was really blessed. What a dedicated team of devoted Christians God has given us. We discussed where we can improve and made plans for 2018. 

Please pray for our church drama group which has been invited to perform the missions play, I wrote with Liz and drama leader Dilma, on the Patos anniversary day next Tuesday in an open-air theatre in a central town square. It is an amazing opening for the Gospel! The invitation came from the Town Council!

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Blessed Weekend

The Patos church band travelled to Manaíra on Saturday and led the P&W at the 23rd anniversary service there. It was a real blessing.

Sunday was great in Patos with 4 raising their hands at the end of the evening service - 2 were for rededication and 2 first commitments to Christ. PTL! The Lord really blessed the sermon I preached on John 6:37-47.

On Monday Liz and I had a great meeting with the Desert Flower Project team and what a good team it is! It was good to spend time listening to their experiences. Part of the team works with the "battered wives" and part works with their children. Slowly we are seeing some change in the folk. But some of the things the team goes through are unbelievable and I can't say too much here. Toilets have to be totally washed down and sterilized after each day and much immoral behaviour is thrown at the team at times. It takes a lot of grace to cope. Please pray for the team and the project.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Drug Free Group blessing

Yesterday's 'Drug Free' ministry group was really blessed with 2 visitors being helped. One has been off Crack for 14 months and the other for 8 months. Please pray for these two cases that God might help us to help them. We cannot mention names. The former has come back to God but the other is not a Christian. We pray that they might both live for God and that many more might come to the drug free meetings.

Things that go bump in the night

Last night I joined the researchers at Green Pastures on one of their night expeditions and it was fantastic. I photographed snakes galore, a deadly variety of Scorpion, frogs, lizards etc. See below the Red-nosed Field Mouse (Wiedomys pyrrhorhinos) I photographed:

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Special Needs Centre at Green Pastures

It was a moving morning receiving about 70 people from the Patos Special Needs Centre at our Green Pastures Reserve. The blind participants nearly brought me to tears as one after the other they recognized me by my voice! Once said she had been to our church and another presented his also blind wife to me.

The deaf were partly already known by me including our Pastor Luis Carlos who is a teacher there. Then there were the Down's Syndrome one of which hugged me and tried to kiss me. Then there was another lad with severe learning difficulties who had an amazing sensitivity to the birds' songs and picked them out whilst others were oblivious. They all just kept telling me how they loved Green Pastures including the blind who "felt peace" there. Wow! What a morning! PTL! I'll post a few photos below.

All this was going on whilst two groups of scientists were carrying out research (trees + lizards) in different parts totally unaffected by these very special visitors.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Drug Free

I have just had a very good meeting with the leader of the Drug Free Ministry Group, who is Nurse Liliane, and the assistant leader and University worker Adelson. We discussed the progress in the work and how to expand its effectiveness and influence for God's glory.