Saturday, 10 February 2018

Camp starting wonderfully wet!

On Friday night it rained two and a half inches at Green Pastures so this is wonderful. The best rain of the year so far! We have now nearly reached the five inch mark this year. PTL! We value your prayers for the Camp which runs until Wednesday.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Federal Job Agency

This morning I had a meeting with the Federal Job Agency in Patos with a view to setting up a partnership with our Projects and Care Centre. I had a very profitable discussion with the director explaining our wide-ranging scope of projects and how one way to help people out of the poverty rut was to get them a job. This is especially difficult when someone has a drugs track record as does one man in our church, now off Crack for 20 months. PTL! We agreed a partnership in which we will send them CVs of folk from our projects needing work and I am thrilled to say that the man I mentioned got a job interview this afternoon already! PTL!

Last night's "drug-free" project meeting was excellent. The meetings are for for people who have stopped using drugs and are fighting to stay off them, or the same for excessive alcoholism. The meetings are also to support the families of people affected by a family member on drugs or alcoholism. Last night we had people pouring their hearts out with all the stress of seeing family members under the grips of drugs or drink. It was wonderful to be able to really minister into these families. 

Liz and I continue flat out for the Carnival Camp which starts this Saturday. We expecting about 200 there and count on your prayers as we look to God for rich blessing.

The rain situation continues precarious. No rain this month yet at Green Pastures.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Leadership Training Seminar

After a very good Sunday with excellent services which were really blessed, plus good activities over the weekend with the youth, young at heart, deaf and married couples, I travelled yesterday 70 km north-west of Patos to Paulista to teach at a Leaders Training Seminar.

This Leaders Training Seminar was organized by Baptist churches in that region plus one Presyterian. I was invited to teach on Integral Mission and it went very well. In fact I was surprised to discover how appreciated and respected is the work of EAB/ACEV in that region amongst churches. I had no idea they were following us and I was honoured by the unexpected high esteem which they hold me in. It really took me aback. I won't tell you who I sort of felt like!

Nevertheless I do praise God that EAB/ACEV is being a light and a hope for different denominations in a way I had no idea. It just goes to show how we can be an example without knowing it to help churches get more community involved.

Friday, 2 February 2018

Dormitory Revamp completed

Today our B Block dormitory revamp was completed at Green Pastures a week ahead of the Carnival Camp. We are grateful to God for making this possible. Surely it will be a real blessing in many lives. There are just parts of the new showers and toilets to be completed next week as well as the finishing off of the Car Park area. All is well under control for the camp start on the 10th. Please pray.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Run Up to the Carnival Camp

Last Sunday's service in Patos was good with 3 people recommitting their lives to Christ at the end. On the Monday Liz  spent a long time with a woman who is a spiritist and wants to become a Christian. Please pray. On the Saturday evening I sent a great time with the youth. It was a real blessing.

The month of January ended yesterday, as it always seems to do, on my birthday! I had a nice walk at Green Pastures in the morning and we had a pizza together as a family in the evening, which was good (see below).

The rainfall for the month at Green Pastures was 2.4 inches so that's got the ball rolling nicely and greened things up well for the Camp starting on the 10th. In the Itaporanga area it rained really hard at the weekend and this lifted our pipeline reservoir off the bottom to reach 4% capacity. I know that means there are 96% to go, but the 4% does give us a bit of a breathing space for some weeks so is a real answer to prayer. In other words it has avoided for now a total water supply collapse this month in Patos and region. It is what is known as saved by the bell or like scoring a goal in the last minute of extra time! Thank you Lord.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Rain glorious rain!

This is almost live film. Tarcísio's son filmed the three quarters of an inch which has just fallen at Green Pastures. I'm sorry it's a bit erratic! He got rather excited!

Weather Report

The rains are getting going here somewhat. PTL! At Itaporanga today they have received 5 inches in one bang and there has been flash flooding! Caroá has also received a total of 7 inches so far and at Green Pastures we've had an inch and a half. We rejoice at this, pray that these rains will go on and on, and be evenly distributed.

I have been doing stacks of work linked to EAB/ACEV projects today.